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Beyond the Classroom

At Rivergum we are dedicated to providing our students with every opportunity to thrive and grow. From drama, choir and music, to sporting opportunities, camps and excursions, we involved our students in a diverse range of activities outside the classroom to enhance their personal growth and broaden their learning potential.


Performing Arts

Our College has a long and established history of yearly school musicals. Through our strong community partnerships, students are given the chance to experience musical production from start to finish by developing their acting skills on stage and developing their capability as vocalists. Students are also given opportunities to work behind the scenes collaborating on all aspects of production including lighting, sound, set design, costumes and props. Students are also offered the chance to assume key roles within the production team making our productions both uniquely and authentically student lead.

Sports Programs

The Physical Education and sport programs at Rivergum provide opportunities for involvement in physical activity that promotes immediate and long-term benefits to students. It is widely recognised that physical activity is an essential requirement for achieving a level of healthy behaviour and leading to personal well-being. Our College has a proud history of participation in externally offered sporting events run by School Sports SA as well as the South Australian Christian School Sports Association (SACSA). Students are offered the chance to compete on a regional and state level at locations like Santos Stadium, Marion Aquatic Centre, and others.

Student Leadership

Outside of the classroom there are opportunities for students to develop their potential as young leaders in our community and for the wider world by becoming a College Captain, Sport House Captain or SRC member. Students uphold and embody our college values, lead by example, and encourage a positive and collaborative attitude amongst their peers. Every badge awarded is a reminder of their individual impact on the College community.

Student Representative Council

SRC Students at Rivergum are offered the opportunity in both Primary and Secondary to be elected to the Council. Students model leadership to their peers and the wider College community by leading Chapel services, organising fundraising activities, community outreach and charity programs.


Students enjoy annual excursions and camps that provided the chance to build relationships and step outside their comfort zone within a supportive and caring environment.

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