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Car Park Reminders!

By Nick Lawrence News 22/03/2022

The safety of families in our car park areas is a major concern and it is paramount that, as a community, we show courtesy and care in this area. Please be mindful of these important reminders:

When waiting to enter the school car park, before or after school, please remember to allow space for vehicles to access Grand Junction Road to/from the road leading to the Bowling club between the school and the nursing home. If you are queuing on Grand Junction Road do not move into the bicycle lane as this lane must be kept free between 7:30am to 9:00am and 3:00pm to 6:00pm. Waiting in the bicycle lane can, and has, led to a fine.

Drop off: Only drop children off in the car park. It is illegal and not safe to drop off children on Grand Junction Road.  Please ensure you move right up past the children’s crossing, in front of the hall, before allowing your children to get out of the car.

Handicap Parking Spaces: Please remember that it is only vehicles with handicap parking permits displayed that are eligible to park in the handicapped parking spaces provided.

Pick Up: Please only use the “Drop and Go” lane if your children have their bags/equipment with them and you have no need to park. The lane to the right of the “Drop and Go” lane allows you to proceed to car parking areas or to loop around the car park if your child is not in the waiting area.

Drive slowly! At all times, please drive slowly, follow the directions of staff and be mindful not to obstruct traffic from flowing in the car park.

As we act graciously towards one another and exercise good judgment we will be ensuring the safety of our children. Thank you for your support.

Julie Prattis

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