Rivergum Christian College is pleased to publish the following data as requested by the Commonwealth Government. 

Our school is registered with appropriate State and Commonwealth authorities, including the Education Standards Board.

We maintain facilities to high standards of safety. Our fleet of buses is maintained according to a strict schedule, and complies with applicable standards. All drivers are properly licenced and accredited with the Passenger Transport Board.

Information regarding our school’s finances, NAPLAN results and student attendance data can be found and compared on the My Schools website, updated by ACARA (Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority).

It is important to note that due to our class sizes, relatively small numbers of children undertake NAPLAN tests and in some years, an ‘average’ is not generated. This also means that percentages can be significantly changed on the basis of 1 or 2 students’ results and meaningful comparisons are not able to be made.


All of our teaching staff are currently registered, and fulfil requirements of the TRB SA which includes child protection training and criminal history checks. All of our teachers have completed 4 year University qualifications.

All staff are currently trained in senior first aid and asthma first aid. Some are trained in mental health first aid as well.

Staff undergo a process of continuous appraisal to identify areas for development, and undertake appropriate professional development.

In 2016, Rivergum Christian College underwent a Community Health Audit performed by external consultants, Endeavour Community Relations & Development. The survey involved local businesses, parents, staff, association and board members.

Results of the audit showed that the college is held in high esteem by all sectors of the community and that our staff are one of its strongest assets. 100% of the parents surveyed would recommend Rivergum and 100% feel welcome here.

The responses to the survey held some valuable information that will be used to form a community relations and marketing plan to be strategically implemented from 2017.

We welcome all kinds of feedback, and strive to cultivate an environment in which we listen and respond positively.