No. The College is operated on Christian principles and integrates Bible teaching throughout the curriculum, but does not have a ‘closed enrolment’ policy. All enquiries welcome!

The College is owned by an Incorporated Association, a non-profit entity whose membership is governed by its constitution (i.e. rules). From the membership is drawn a board, who is responsible for oversight and direction. The board employs the Principal who, along with staff, administers day-to-day operations.

For more information about our association, click here. If you’d like to know more about how incorporated associations work in general, click here.

We believe faith is central to life, and our faith is in Christ. This means that we emphasise relationship with Jesus as Saviour and Lord of our lives, our God whom we worship with all that we do, think and say. From this relationship flows our interactions with one another, which are not based on ‘rules’ and religiosity but transformation of our lives through Jesus’ example.

Students are encouraged to worship God; respect, serve and consider others; value themselves as His creations and use their unique gifts and talents in discovering more about the world He created.

As our membership, staff and families come from varying Christian denominations united in our purpose of education (not ‘indoctrinating’), our Biblical perspective is gained from more than one angle – that is, we are not singularly instructing one aspect of Christian faith or philosophy to the exclusion of others. We encourage students to think their own thoughts, establish their own faith and come to their own conclusions.

Click here to read our Statement of Faith.

We consider science as unlimited opportunity to discover how God purposefully made the extraordinary world around us, and consequently take a sound, evidence-based approach to all scientific enquiry. We uphold empirical scientific methodology including observing, testing and repeating experimentation. We also recognise that evidence must always be interpreted, and weighed according to other beliefs and assumptions about life.

We assist our students to have a clear understanding of assumptions and probable misconceptions that lead to an evolutionary view of origins, as well as to understand the Biblical genesis and evidences that fit into a creationist view of origins. We encourage students to think deeply about the information presented and develop their own informed opinions regarding cosmology and indeed the purpose and meaning of life.

Rivergum Christian College fees are ‘inclusive’ which means they are priced to automatically cover needs throughout the year such as textbooks, stationery and exercise books, excursions and incursions, learning materials, aquatic/swimming lessons and camps (including meals whilst away). There is no extra cost for participation in sporting carnivals (including SAPSASA or SACSA representation in Adelaide), transport to/from school events, sports and IT equipment or subscriptions of any kind.

Consequently all other costs are minimal and optional, usually only for canteen orders, fundraising activities or spending money for students on overnight trips/camps if applicable.

We prefer to work with families to implement flexible, affordable payments wherever possible.

Fees can be structured as small payments over the course of the year via direct credit or Centrepay. Alternatively, payments can be made as you choose via EFTPOS or credit card, or even lump sum at the beginning of the year to receive a discount. More detailed fee information is available here.

Students enrolling mid-year or mid-term will pay fees on a pro-rata basis; that is fees will be calculated based on how much of the school year is left remaining (for e.g. 3 terms = 75% of annual fees payable).

We periodically revise routes to accommodate the needs of families using the service, keeping time changes to a minimum and incorporating close by stops. In many cases we can offer a ‘door-to-door’ service, but we may need some families to meet us a short distance away due to traffic conditions, route or timetable limits.

Buses currently service Renmark, Paringa, Berri, Winkie, Monash, Barmera, Glossop, Waikerie, Loveday and now Loxton areas. Please advise if you are considering this service. Buses are an additional cost, added to your fee payment.

We believe in a transformative approach to wrongdoing rather than extensive punitive punishments. Our aim is to mentor students in their decision-making, promote learning from mistakes and ultimately, see genuine change and repentance.

If a student behaves or speaks in a manner that disrespects, harms, insults or unduly distracts or impedes others, they are given opportunity to take responsibility, make an apology and/or correct themselves. If this action or speech continues, they are warned and eventually removed from the learning environment or playground to consider how to improve their choices. A suitable consequence will then be determined if required.

We endeavour to communicate with parents about any actual or potential incidences via SMS, notes in communication books or diaries, phone calls or interviews where needed.

As an independent school, we teach the Australian Curriculum and are registered with the SACE Board as educators of your children.