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Fees and Policies

Investing in your child’s education stands as one of the most crucial decisions a family can make, and at Rivergum Christian College, we are committed to walking alongside families throughout this profound journey.


2024 Tuition Fees

Selecting the right educational path is significant, which is why we strive to ensure our fees are both reasonable and accessible. Our fee structure is designed to deliver a quality education without burdening families financially.

We prioritise simplicity for our families. Therefore, we offer a transparent fee structure – a single comprehensive tuition fee for each year level. Our fees are inclusive of all standard curriculum costs including textbooks, books, stationery, and learning materials.

Where possible we strive to ensure there is little or no cost to families for extra-curricular activities, most costs are minimal and optional.


1st Child 2nd Child 3rd Child 4th Child
Primary School | Foundation — Year 2 $1,734 $1,519 $1,214 $908
Primary School | Year 3 — Year 6 $1,938 $1,734 $1,418 $1,000
Middle School | Year 7 — Year 10 $2,428 $2,224 $1,908 $1,245
Senior School | Year 11 — Year 12 $2,601 $2,397 $2,081 $1,326

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School Policies

Our school’s policies have been developed reflecting both the biblical world view of the College and meeting legislative and compliance requirements.

Rivergum Christian College is committed to the safety and well-being of all students while they attend school or take part in authorised school activities. Please contact the College for further information on these or any other policies of interest to you.



We are committed to ensuring that all Secondary students have access to a computer device. Our Primary students also have access to shared classroom devices such as laptops and tablets.


ICT User Agreement

Sexual Harassment Policy

Privacy Policy

Duty of Care Policy

Complaints Policy

Child Protection Policy

Attendance Policy

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