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Future athletes compete in Secondary Athletics Day

By Nick Lawrence Middle, Home, News, Senior 8/03/2022

The Secondary Athletics Carnival is one of the most highly anticipated dates on the TVCS calendar. Each year, the day is a hive of athletic events as students from year 7-12 compete to earn their tribe (Benjamin & Zebulun) valuable points. It is a valuable day for aspiring athletes to practice their skills, beat their personal records and enjoy friendly competition!

The day is also an opportunity for volunteers to get involved. Staff and parents volunteer their time to assist with the canteen, barbeque or running events. The true spirit of the TVCS community always shines throughout the day.

This year, as the students worked their way through their event rotations, it was obvious that many students had decided to be involved in as many events on the day as they could. The high jump events were a highlight once again with Max T, Kelechi E and Lucy W displaying great talent and setting a new TVCS record.  The following records were made on the day: 

U14 Boys Triple Jump Kelechi E – 12.94m 

Open Boys High Jump Max T – 1.92m 

U14 Boys 100m Kelechi E – 11.4s 

Open Girls Discus Anke S – 26.32m 

U14 Boys High Jump Kelechi E – 1.68m 

U15 Girls High Jump Lucy W – 1.41m 

U14 Boys Long Jump Kelechi E – 5.78m 

Open Girls Shot Put Anke S – 9.05m 

At the end of the day, after some final cheering, the following results were announced: 

Zebulun: 2869 

Benjamin: 2529  

The Tribe shield was graciously accepted by Zebulun captains and vice captains, Zach, Anke, Marcus and Gemma.  

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