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Meet our Secondary Deputy, Anton Visser

By Nick Lawrence News 21/02/2022

Commencing at Torrens Valley Christian School in January this year, Anton Visser has come equipped with over 28 years of educational knowledge and leadership experience.

Migrating from South Australia in 2006, Anton and his family’s Australian adventure began at Portside Christian College where he was employed for 15 years.

Anton and his wife currently attend Portlife CRC Church, where he has a sincere and mature faith with a high regard for God’s Word. Anton has been involved in missions work and served on the Myanmar Board, visiting the Life House in Mandalay and building a playground for orphaned children.

When asked what he likes about his new job, Anton humbly answered, “I enjoy working with people, and love serving those around me.”

“We are equipping students with faith and life skills to meet the demands of a different future world. Working in new environments and the associated challenges is stimulating!”

I am also excited to see students reach their full potential and contribute to society in a meaningful way. This makes me excited about our school and country’s future.”

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