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Middle School

Middle School (Year 7 – 10)

Our Middle School framework has been developed in acknowledgement of the unique characteristics that students in the lower secondary years are experiencing. The distinct developmental stage of ‘young adolescence’ presents its own challenges that require particular problem-solving experience and guidance. We aim to support students with their spiritual and social development as they navigate through these years of change.

With a continuing emphasis on Literacy and Numeracy skill development, our teaching caters for varying learning styles, helping to enable practical problem solving, independent learning as well as team-building capabilities. Subject options diversify through these Middle School years as students are provided with greater opportunities for their education. By the end of Year 9, students are already mapping pathways in preparation for their Senior school years.


What does this Look Like?

Middle school is a time of significant personal growth and development as students mature into adolescence and form new ways of thinking about themselves (identity), others (culture) and the world around them (creation). We believe these years have the potential to establish young people’s outlook on life, how they feel about themselves and their peers, and how they respond not just to education but matters of value. That’s why it is important that we prepare for life as well as further years of schooling.

We serve to inspire students to think considerately about themselves and the world around them to become caring people, responsible citizens and lifelong learners, continuing to grow in their understanding and love of God and His creation.

Secondary Subject Choices

We offer a diverse range of electives allowing students to broaden their knowledge and pursue their interests through a mixture of on-site, off site, specialist instructors and facilitated subjects. Subject choices include Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Agriculture, Woodwork, Digital Technology, Home Economics, Photography, Textiles, Food Technology and Food & Hospitality.

Maths Pathway

Rivergum utilises an online learning platform called Maths Pathway which evaluates each students individual maths knowledge, personalises their learning and builds on their abilities with the assistance of the classroom teacher.

Agriculture Studies

At Rivergum our Agriculture program aims to develops an understanding of everything involved in food production from paddock to plate. The course content facilitates student development of life skills through activities involving problem solving and teamwork, as well as developing a sense of initiative and responsibility.

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