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Primary School

Primary School (Foundation – Year 6)

Our experienced teachers work together to create a nurturing and supportive environment that fosters a natural inquisitiveness and a love of learning from an early age.

We are committed to providing experiences that challenge each student, encouraging them to strive beyond what they may think they are capable of. At the core of these experiences is our commitment to the development of key Literacy and Numeracy skills. It is this foundation that helps to build the confident learner for later Middle and Senior schooling.

As early learners, social awareness is often a new and sometimes confronting phenomenon. We recognise the need to develop positive relationships with one another based on mutual respect and love and use God’s teachings to help develop an understanding of appropriate behaviour and strategies for difficult situations.

Through buddy programmes and shared activities, the younger members of our school community are introduced to the greater school environment, forming friendships, and gaining the self-confidence that will carry them through their later years at Rivergum Christian College.

Junior Primary (Foundation-Year 2)

Setting the foundation for Christian education sets the foundations for a child’s life. Our teachers partner with parents as we seek to create a nurturing community that fosters the love of learning in a framework with Christ at its centre. Families are supported as they prepare their children to commence and navigate those early years of schooling with confidence and enthusiasm.


Jolly Learning is everything needed to start your child on their wonderful journey of literacy learning. The program consists of systematic and progressive phonics and grammar instruction. Teaching is multi-sensory with actions, stories, games, and songs best designed for young learners.


Based on the Australian curriculum, the Targeting Maths program builds a consistent and measured understanding of maths. Lessons integrate concrete, hands-on experiences, with play-based learning opportunities. No matter your students’ learning style, they will be able to confidently develop problem-solving strategies and practically demonstrate their growing mathematical knowledge.

Upper Primary (Year 3-6)

Our Primary School builds on the firm foundation that was begun in the Junior Primary School with the continued use of Jolly Learning. Our Primary Teachers continue to partner with parents to provide a creative, supportive, stimulating environment in which your children can flourish. Emotional wellbeing and a sense of belonging give children a sense of purpose and security. Our earnest desire is that they will find their identity in Christ as his image bearers.

Primary Subject Opportunities

All Primary Students take part in Spanish lessons via online learning with MEG Languages. This platform delivers a wide range of online lessons catering for students from Foundation to Year 8 with the assistance of a classroom teacher. Performing Arts also sets its foundations in the primary years with students beginning to build their confidence, self-esteem and knowledge of drama and music. Students can explore all facets of performance by learning to express themselves through music and play, improvisation, and imaginative movements and settings. Students are challenged to consider their own thinking processes, consider the perspectives of others, and to work collaboratively.

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