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Primary students compete in Athletics Day

By Nick Lawrence Primary 21/03/2022

On Thursday 10th March it was the primary school’s turn to compete in the track and field events as well as novelty events.  Mr Loechel officially opened the day and the tribal cheers ensured that everyone was pumped and motivated ready to go for the first round of events.   

There were some very quick sprints across a variety of tribes, and this was also a great opportunity for the teams to show their true team spirit while the 70m/100m race was taking place.  All age groups had to work together in the Tug-of-War event and there were many tight match ups that showed the true strength and spirit of the tribes.  Over the course of the day, all students gave it their best efforts and participated in fantastic spirit which was very pleasing for all that were spectating. 

For the second year in a row, Judah tribe were announced as deserving winners during the presentation ceremony. Tribal scores from the carnival were as follows: 

First Place –  Judah 757 points 

Second Place – Zebulun 672 points 

Third Place – Ephraim 637 points 

Fourth Place – Benjamin 628 points 

The Kathryn Poulton Memorial Award went to Rebekah W. 

We would like to thank all staff members involved in the lead up to our carnival, as well as the Year 10 students who helped with officiating roles and motivating our younger students to feel a sense of pride and achievement.  

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