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Senior School

Senior School (Year 11 – 12)

At the start of Senior School our students step into a new learning adventure and bravely decide how best to use the gifts and talents that God has given them. Our graduates will have the opportunity to develop and equip their minds, cultivate a heart that serves others and apply their hands to building skills and capabilities according to their God-given gifts and interests. Our Senior School curriculum offers rigour, innovation and flexibility enabling our graduates to develop their full academic, personal, moral, and spiritual potential.


What does this look like?

At this time in their lives students have a great desire for identity and independence. Our Secondary students are provided with an educational setting that allows them to expand their personal and intellectual development as they progress towards SACE completion. We seek to ensure our graduates are inspired to explore their faith and spiritual values which will empower them in the years ahead to make ethical choices and meaningful differences as stewards of the world that God has created.


What is the SACE?

This helpful video from SACE will help explain the key features.


Berri TAFE Subjects

We work in partnership with TAFE to offer Vocational Education Training (VET) courses each year. Please click the below button to view what is on offer.

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As a provider of secondary education, Rivergum Christian College students can attain their South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE). To complete their qualification, students need to attain 200 credits from their chosen subjects across Year 11 (SACE Stage 1) and Year 12 (SACE Stage 2). The SACE is designed to allow students to choose their subjects based on their interest, skills set and career goals. The foundation of the certificate is underpinned by student ability to attain competency across 7 key capabilities: Literacy, Numeracy, Information and communication technology capability, Creative and critical thinking, Personal and social capability, Ethical understanding, and Intercultural understanding.

VET Pathways

Rivergum offers students in Year 11 or 12 the opportunity to take part in regionally offered Vocational Education Training (VET) courses. VET enables students to acquire skills and knowledge for work through nationally recognised or accredited course and is delivered, assessed and certified by Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s). Undertaking VET may benefit students' exploration of career pathways in a diverse range of industries. *Fees for VET courses are additional to standard tuition.

Online Learning

At Rivergum we provide opportunities for students to explore their secondary subject choices through online learning. Whether it is partnering with other CEN schools or using online learning providers, we assist students in completing their chosen education pathway. *Fees for online learning may be additional to standard tuition.

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