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Teachers reimagine Year 8 Camp

By Nick Lawrence Middle 21/03/2022

This year our Year 8 Camp experience was a little different from previous years. Teachers have had to adapt to the ever changing situation with COVID-19. It has been so inspiring to see how students have been so positive and appreciative of the experiences provided for them on our Excursion Days to Happy Valley Reservoir and Hope Valley Oval. The two-day program was successfully run by Beyond Limits, and TVCS Staff supported students in having a memorable time! Activities included mountain biking, kayaking, a nature walk and team building activities. It was wonderful to see students having fun outdoors, building relationships and growing in Servant Leadership!

Student responses

I’m thankful that we still got to go out and kind of do a camp because it taught us new things and we got to have new experiences even though it wasn’t camp. I’m also thankful that we got to do kayaking because it taught us to be patient when we couldn’t direct the kayak properly. Another thing that I’m thankful for is the water activities and the obstacle course because it made us work as a team and encourage each other. Tameah R

I am thankful for the instructors who did a great job of teaching us what to do and how to do it e.g. kayaking/mountain biking. It was very fun trying some things I had never done before. My favourite activity was the kayaking, as it was a very different experience, and it was cool how fast Matt and I could move through the water. I got a bit wet, which added to the fun. It was so cool doing something different. I learnt that I really enjoy team challenges like we did on Friday, with the racing against the other tribes. I really liked the different parts, like the golf ball transporting game and the tower tumble game. Tommie W

My favourite activity was kayaking in the Happy Valley Reservoir. This was my favourite activity because we got to do something that probably wasn’t a usual activity for most people, and we got to try something new. I enjoyed the aspect of working together with the person in your kayak, it was a great practice of teamwork and good communication. Elizabeth C

I am thankful for the opportunity that we had to still do camp and with what we could do it ended up being a good camp. I am thankful that everyone at camp did participate and no one was left out. I am thankful for all the wonderful activities. I learnt that don’t say somethings bad until you try it because you never know, you might just like it and be good at it. Thomas J

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