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School shines nationally at Vetamorphus retreat

By Nick Lawrence Home, News, Senior 1/06/2020

What an amazing gift it is to lead worship, to give praise and thanksgiving to our God.

For a handful of Torrens Valley Christian School Vetamorphus students, they’ve taken it to the next level – National level! For the first time ever in TVCS history, a group of nine dedicated past and present Vetamorphus students were asked to lead worship for some 280 students and more than 40 leaders around the country, at last week’s National Vetamorphus Retreat (29-30 May 2020).

“It was an amazing opportunity” says past Vetamorphus student Katherine. The team worked tirelessly to put together a pre-recorded package of three sets including 13 carefully chosen songs, scripture verses and encouraging words. The final assembled worship sets were then beamed onto screens in every state for the nation to watch and worship together, simultaneously.

“We were able to see the whole nation in worship….one school had it on a big screen and we could see the whole campus watching us leading them …” said Katherine.

Film Editor and Camera man Jai said it“was a really unique experience”. He scoured over more than three hours of footage to edit and cut together what was an impacting and memorable worship experience for everyone. Peter Eckermann, the State Vetamorphus Coordinator described the team as having done a great job.

Current Vetamorphus students Sarah, Alana, Zoe and Jacinta were thrilled to be part of it.

“…we really liked meeting people from other states”, said Alana.

“It felt really good …..and we became closer as a peer group”, said Jacinta.

Margaret Garland, Torrens Valley Christian School’s Chaplain and leader of the Vetamorphus program, was extremely proud of all students involved.

These students went above and beyond with quality…. across the Veta community there is a sense that TVCS knows how to dedicate themselves to serve and worship”, Mrs Garland said.

The feedback has been all positive with some describing it as ‘amazing TV’ and ‘powerful’ with ‘great songs and great delivery’. One participant had said that he had wanted to get up from his seat to heat his food but the ‘fire’ from the worship was enough for him.

What an amazing achievement for this group of talented Torrens Valley Christian School students. We congratulate them on their dedication and commitment to serve on behalf of our school, at the very highest level.

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