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Welcome to Rivergum Christian College

Empowering Students to Thrive

Our goal is to foster the intentional growth of every child’s individuality, provide Biblically-based support, and establish a solid relationship with the community. Every student is empowered to explore their identity and use it to fulfil their calling in life. We prioritise holistic education and preparation for the future.

Our beautiful college is set on eight hectares of rural land, showcasing manicured grounds and exceptionally maintained facilities including two undercover play areas, two sporting ovals and an agriculture block. Our modern facilities include a newly updated resource centre: a positive, enjoyable, and valuable educational learning space for our students giving them access to a wide range of resources.



Primary School

Our passionate, caring teachers work collaboratively to foster a natural curiosity in students, and a love of learning from an early age. We believe the early years are critical in teaching the foundations of education. This is why we have targeted programs to develop student’s core skills and focus on developing engagement and learning techniques.

Secondary School

As students mature into adolescence, they begin to choose their own paths. We believe these years establish a young person’s outlook on life, how they feel about themselves and their peers and how they respond to matters of value. We offer a wide range of electives and extracurricular activities, so students can explore their interests and passions. We have a strong focus on character development, helping students to become responsible citizens, caring people who understand God and His creation.

Our Faith

Rivergum Christian College is built on faith in Jesus Christ, providing excellence in education and teaching servant leadership, compassion, respect and responsibility for the world in which we live. Our school’s commitment to developing and living out a distinctly Christian Worldview, in line with the teachings of the Bible, nurtures students in the development of their faith.

From an early age, young people develop a personal understanding of who God is and how to live in relationship with Him. As part of this, we aim to develop children’s abilities and talents to serve God and make a meaningful difference within society.

We would love to meet you

Visiting our college is one of the best ways to help make your decision.

Join us at our next School Tour where one of our team members would be delighted to meet you and take you on a personal tour of our school.

Either fill in the form or call us on 8583 2304.

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