At Rivergum we understand that one size does not fit all. We are inspired to help students to develop an inquiring, questioning, exploratory approach to life. We believe children should love learning, love creating, love exploring, and love seeking answers to the powerful questions that inspire them – and be able to utilise their strengths to demonstrate their passion and knowledge.

We offer a full curriculum aligned the Australian Curriculum. We deliver each aspect of the curriculum within the context of the distinctively Christian story of life. We give particular attention to core skills (such as literacy, numeracy and investigation), while offering rich and diverse learning experiences.

We have:

  • An emphasis on strong grounding in literacy and numeracy.
    • Literacy:  Jolly Learning Program in our Primary Schooling. This is an all inclusive program that teaches phonics, reading, handwriting, spelling and grammar. We have seen amazing results since implementing this program across the Primary school.
    • Numeracy: We use Targeting Maths in the Primary School.
      In Secondary we employ a program called Maths Pathway in our Middle School (Years 7-10) which evaluates where the students’ maths knowledge lies and delivers modules personalised to developing their ability. It’s no “one size fits all” curriculum delivery, rather individualised programs delivered with teacher support and hands-on applications.
  • A commitment to clear, thorough, engaging teaching through a blend of explicit instruction, exploration, creativity, risk taking and student-centred learning.
  • Provision for and celebration of student’s different learning styles coupled with diverse opportunities to demonstrate their acquired knowledge.
  • A commitment to training students to take responsibility for their own words and actions, and be peacemakers.
  • Regular classroom testing to help students gauge their progress toward goals.
  • Awards for success in academics as well as character development.
  • Camps, excursions, and cultural visits to broaden life experience and reinforce learned material.
  • School and inter-school sporting activities.
  • Opportunities for music and performing arts (drama and dance), including an acclaimed whole-school musical performance each year.
  • Japanese language and culture studies one semester per year.

New concepts are introduced and demonstrated by the teacher then the whole group has a chance to work through examples and applications. The student can then consolidate and investigate further through individual activities.

We value deep relationships, good communication, and have a sense of fun and optimism in everything we do.