Rivergum Christian College began with an idea in 1981 to establish a Christian school in the Riverland. Its original steering committee intended it to be a low fee, parent-controlled Christian school with a commitment to inspire students to live upright lives, be people of excellent character, and give high regard to the disciplines of learning and living. This intention continues today.

After an involved planning process, and some fantastic assistance from volunteers, Riverland Christian School opened in 1986 with its mandate ‘to honour God by educating children under the Lordship of Christ’.

Over the years the school has grown and changed significantly, with successive Principals, board members and families shaping and building a strong community of faith and learning.

We pay tribute to the pioneers who gave so much to establish and grow the school.

Our Principals have been Dale Edwards, Case de Ryke, Deb Hein, John Millman, Barbara Schottelius, Yvonne Zeppel, Vera Wilkinson, Bill Greenslade, Matt Paterson, Gregg Smith, and Andrew Talbot.

In 2015 the school changed its name to Rivergum College to reflect the updated strategic direction, declaring that ‘our faith is in Christ’.

After some time of reflection on our origins and community perception, it was voted on at the 2017 Association AGM to insert ‘Christian’ back into our identity, becoming Rivergum Christian College.