Our families consistently tell us how much they appreciate that we work with them in a positive, honest, friendly manner, and treat them with respect.

Feedback also tell us that, in choosing Rivergum, parents find three important things: strong moral values, teachers that care, and a safe, encouraging place of learning.

We embrace a ‘creative schools’ philosophy, beginning in our Middle School and being gradually implemented in upper and middle primary. This is a personalised, organic approach that engages all students, develops their love of learning and enables them to face and overcome life’s challenges.

Our strategies for success:

  • Students are encouraged to ask great questions, and enjoy the challenge and reward of finding good answers.
  • They learn that privileges are earned not demanded, and that learning takes place as part of a team that works together.
  • Children are shown how to respect parents and teachers, as well as each other by being orderly, taking care with their belongings and appearance, and using good manners.
  • Children are taught how to be organised, set their work out well, plan and keep to timetables, and to finish what they start.
  • We train students with difficulties to improve themselves to be a better learner – and allow others to be better learners.
  • We help them to understand and manage their feelings, and to be patient with others.
  • We coach them in their friendships, and assist them to learn good strategies for life.
  • We teach them to achieve a healthy balance for learning and life.
  • When we can see a child needs assistance in learning or behaviour, we meet with parents to plan purposeful and agreed ways to help the child improve.
  • All these things we do because of the way we understand life and living from a Christian perspective.

If you would like to know details, check our Curriculum Page.