Our beliefs about our Christian faith and life are not held independently of the life we live, but provide a wonderful framework that helps us confidently navigate the challenges of life.

Rather than being reduced to a set of rules, rituals and ceremonies, our faith provides us with a perspective on truth and history, as well as a set of morals and values to base our social and individual relationships.



Educating on the foundation of truth – with integrity – in community



  1.  To strive for the highest level of achievement in the general education and training of children using a curriculum based on the Bible and Christian principles.
  2.  To encourage children attending the school to revere God, to honour their parents, to live righteously and in accordance with Biblical principles of conduct and citizenship.
  3.  To provide an environment in which each child can come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, be encouraged in growing toward Christian maturity and receive a grounding in the essentials of effective Christian witness.
  4.  To emphasise the individuality of the person and to assist each child in arriving at a realistic self-image as part of God’s family and the community of man.
  5.  To encourage the development of the academic and creative potential of each individual.
  6.  To promote self-discipline, responsibility and self-motivation.
  7.  To assist in the development of each child’s personality giving emphasis to those attitudes and characteristics which make for meaningful human relationships and successful socialisation.
  8.  To lay a Biblical foundation upon which the discernment and judgement of contemporary issues can be based.