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Year 12 Camp: Building skills, strategies and resilience

By Nick Lawrence News 8/03/2022

Each year, our year 12s begin their final year journey by travelling to the beautiful Nunyara Campsite, where they participate in team building games and listen to inspiring words from guest speakers. The camp offers an opportunity to ensure that this vital year starts on the correct foundation.

This year, after a welcome breakfast, the student band led praise and worship, followed by devotions. Students spent 30 minutes outdoors in a time of solitude, reflecting in journals on the theme: Trust and Let Go – being present.

After morning tea and a walk to the lookout, lunch was enjoyed followed by a SACE presentation. Mrs Garland spoke on the importance of self-care, after which the group enjoyed free time before dinner.

The evening session consisted of past students addressing the current Year 12’s on life experiences post school, a rich experience for all present. The REVAMPT band led worship in a fitting way to end the day followed by the return bus trip to school where parents collected students for a good night’s rest.

Tuesday morning saw students arrive bleary-eyed at school, but eager for the outdoor challenges planned at Nunyara. Following breakfast and prayers, a team called Beyond Limits lay down challenges in team building activities such as archery, wall climbing and balancing games. Leadership skills and teamwork were on full display as student teams tried to outdo one another, with shouts of excitement and despair around the grounds as attempts at improved times were made.

Year 12 students enjoyed this year’s camp, despite COVID restrictions not permitting sleeping over. The skills learnt has set the group up well for the year’s challenges and beyond.

Courtney K: My highlight from Year 12 Camp was getting to hang out with people that I don’t usually hang out with and getting to know them more. I also liked getting some helpful tips from the SACE chat and health tips on surviving Year 12.

Thomas A: My highlight from Camp this year was being able to do different activities and hang out with each other, growing closer ready for our last year of school together.

James C: I enjoyed spending good time with friends and getting closer with them during camp, especially during dinner with people.

Belle A: My highlight from Year 12 Camp was the team building exercises we did on the second day which allowed us to collaborate and talk with different people.

Mr Tang, Teacher: My own personal highlight would be having prayer time with parents after the jacket ceremony and seeing students work together as a team during the challenges.

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