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Year 10s visit Clovercrest Baptist Church for Propel

By Nick Lawrence Middle 13/04/2022

On Friday 18 March our year 10 students went to Clovercrest Baptist Church where we met Dubsy for a day full of fun, reflection and community. Our sessions on the day were focused on the theme of goal setting and gave students the opportunity to reflect backwards and launch forward into their God directed futures. We looked at the purpose of goal setting and why we need to have goals as well as how to craft effective goals. Here is what the students had to say:

We went to Clovercrest Baptist Church for the propel program with Dubsy, we learnt how to set goals and to complete them in life. It was a splendid and magnificent day that Dubsy prepared for us. We did a splendid obstacle course that later helped us understand what he was teaching us about setting goals.

Lachlan C

Propel was interesting. We went to Clovercrest Church and did a variety of things like an obstacle course, what we did if we had a superpower/ if we found a genie. We learnt about goal setting and all about goals. Dubsy taught us the ‘secrets’ and the ‘enemies’ of goals.

Elijah A

Propel was a very interesting learning experience. We learned how to set goals for ourselves and think about the future and, what we do now, can affects us in so many ways in the future. Also, Dubsy, the host of the event told us many different types of stories of goals and plans that have affected him and will continue to impact him into the future.

James T

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