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School at Home

By Nick Lawrence News 28/07/2021

By Emily Brookes

As staff we were excited and expectant to participate in the Christian Education National (CEN) State Conference at the start of this term. New restrictions thwarted those plans and during a modified professional learning program, an announcement of a lockdown interrupted this also. Thanks and appreciation must go to our entire staff team who pivoted immediately to prepare for School at Home and worked collectively and tirelessly to ensure remote learning was accessible to all.

We are grateful for our parents and caregivers for their grace and understanding as we created learning content, made videos, set up logins, organised teacher connect sessions and worked together to ensure programs were ready to launch School at Home 2.0.

Thank you to our families and caregivers who set up, supported, and encouraged their children during School at Home, often whilst caring for other children and working from home themselves. The juggle was real! Thank you to our essential workers who entrusted us to care for your children while you worked to serve our broader community.

Thank you to our wonderful students from Reception to Year 12 who made a tremendous effort and honoured their learning by engaging in their work. We appreciate you.

Our School at Home values are Care | Connect | Competency and our First | Next | Last framework supports this family focused model. Thanks to our friends in Christian Education nationally and in British Columbia for their wisdom and inspiration we originally called upon to create this model of remote learning.

We are proud of our School at Home model but are thankful to be back together at school.

Thank you for your prayers, support, encouragement and partnering with us. We are grateful for our TVCS community.

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